Sunday, 28 February 2010

Mr. E is Having His Identity Changed. Seriously.

Effectively March 1st 2010,
 moved out from his old place into a new one.

Right now, 'Edison Vincentius' who is formerly known as will be using a brand new identity.
He will be known as from this day on.

The person and writings will still be the same, he just change his blog address so it will be easier to be memorized. is kind of tongue twister right?
But, is so much more easier.

*new blog header!!!*

So, friends, family, fellow bloggers, or maybe just some random people, passing through, please update your bookmark because, is no longer exist.
The new address is now

Bye-bye to [The Infamous Mr. E],
welcome .the.mister.dison.chronicles.

See you guys on the other side!

formerly known as

Saturday, 27 February 2010

The Infamous Mr. E is Under Construction....

Pretty sorry guys, [The Infamous Mr. E] is under construction.
Mr.E's himself is preparing to launch a brand new design & also a new name for the blog.
So, you guys have to wait just a little bit.

See the progress, click here.

See you at March 1st, 2010.